“I love the fact that she is straight forward with the fact that “this book is not a before and after story.” She doesn’t give a story of triumph over pain and suffering or a list of ways to make things better. She is honest, and we learn we can find God in the pain and suffering, as well as in the good times. I know for me, I always tend to feel God more intimately when I am struggling. I find myself both longing for healing, but also worrying I’ll more easily forget God if I am suddenly healed.” This is actually a book review, but also a piece with some good points in and of itself, from Katherine Smith.

Three solid reminders. Whether we know something or not, we will always wind up needing reminders. These are good ones given by Abby McDonald.

Hallie Dye brings up some rarely spoken thoughts on encouragement. Especially the parts on people thinking you are weird if you give “too much” encouragement.” Hallie says that’s never happened to her, but honestly, it’s what I feel like I run into at work. I used to leave people little encouraging notes. They did their best to ignore them. It feels really weird. Sometimes I still hand out random complements, and still I get the weirdest, most awkward looks. I think people do want encouragement, but are so un-used to getting it that they don’t know how to handle it.

Have you ever had an epiphany moment, were all of a sudden things click? I always think it’s cool; here’s a recounting of one Kristina Ward had.

Me: I’m participating in a word-prompt challenge this week over on my Instagram, Talitha Who Writes. I also cross-post it to my Facebook Talitha Writes, but I am having all kinds of problems with creepy people/robots on Facebook, and so it’s not a public account. You’d have to friend me and send me a line you read my blog. Insta is so far a good deal less creepy. Anyhow, my most recent Insta post wound up being about my Grandpa, on account of the word prompt being “Remember.”

I might be changing up my posting habits here shortly, my work schedule is taking some sharp changes and I’m going to have to re-org the rest of my life to accommodate.

2 thoughts on “Good Words: 3rd Quarter Flower Moon

  1. Thank you for the recent shares! I’ve been enjoying the links to the other works cited, too. I hope you keep on being encouraging and that your new work schedule doesn’t take too much time away from your writing!


    1. Hey, thank you for writing good words!

      It does take time to curate a reading list every week, but I think it’s important work.

      I’m not sure about the work schedule. I’m going to try to keep writing a priority, because it’s important to me, but I am apprehensive.


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